Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thank you Alexis!

I am so pleased to be guest blogging for Coupon Queen! Today I will be discussing organization in small areas. I realize this is a topic often covered on other sites or blogs, but let’s face it--most of us live busy enough lives that simplification is necessary in order to feel less overwhelmed and more in control.

As someone who has lived in small areas for the last five years, I have had to discover creative ways to utilize the amount of space I was gifted. Most of my apartments had one (if any) very small closet, limited pantry space and little to no shelving. Disorganization drives me bonkers, even though clutter seems to constantly be around my house, so finding ways to camouflage little piles becomes the major concern in my home.

This delightful mail sorter is a recent find and has worked wonders on my piles of mail lying all over the home. Bright and Blithe offers a fantastic tutorial for this project and even includes the cute little labels. A much better (and far more adorable) choice than a typical plastic box. Not to mention cost effective. You can locate a substantial piece of fabric for $2, especially if you find one you like in the remnant bin.

I have a hard time finding space to keep all my craft supplies. They seem to reproduce at rates akin to rabbits. Since I have no extra closet I cannot simply put them in there, nor can I build shelves in my rental. My solution; A winged table with shelving below and beautiful decorated boxes. It currently sits in the corner with one wing down, but if company were to show up I can easily pull it out and bring the other wing up. The boxes blend in and look like an extra decor piece. No one will ever know that on the inside of those boxes, it is a complete disaster ;-).

Nothing is worse than not having a place to put your toiletries and grooming supplies. When I moved into my current apartment, I realized that I quite literally had nowhere to put anything. Not only that, but even a tiny floor cabinet would block the way to the necessary (making for an even greater mess if one is in a hurry). I quickly located an over-the-toilet cabinet and an over-the-sink shelf, which has made an incredible difference. While the cabinet is a bit spendy, it’s worth keeping eye cream in the bathroom instead of storing it in the kitchen.

Finally, I have mentioned lack of closet space several times. One never realizes how necessary it may be until one doesn’t have it (*don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got til’ it’s gone*). I suggest you go down to your local thrift stores and search for a wardrobe. If you have enough wall space to give up, it is incredibly worth it, especially if you can find a good deal. I found mine for $50 and it only had some drawer issues which were easily fixed. If you neither want nor need so much space being taken up by a large block of wood, try an old steamer trunk which can serve as a chair and storage space. A gorgeous vintage piece adds character to your home and offers a place for extra towels.

My hope is that some of you will find this helpful, and if nothing else I have provided a few photos which I know I always like. I hope you all have a fantastic week!

*My thanks to Alexis from Simply Beautiful Veg. for her help while I am on vacation! Please stop by and visit her blog or her Esty Shop. :) C.Q.

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  1. Alexis,
    These are all great tips. Pretty pictures as well. I love the idea of the boxes with your supplies in them. A nice way to get them out of the way.


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