Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursdays picture perfect deal...

The picture...

Last year we had an ice storm in March that coated everything and made it look like the world was covered in glass.  This is a picture of our grape vine trellis after the freezing rain had passed.  We are having a bit of the same weather today so maybe I will have to go out with my camera tomorrow.

The deal...

Crabtree and Evelyn is having their annual after Christmas sale with up to 75% off.  They have their beautiful scented soaps marked down from $8.00 to $3.00 and home fragrances marked down from $12.00 to $5.00.  Also, for a limited time, when you purchase two gift sets, you can get a third gift set of equal or lesser value free.  You also get free shipping on all orders over $65.00.  If you use coupon code PAYPAL10 at the checkout you will get $10.00 off any purchase over $50.00.

Have a great day everyone!



  1. Thank you Alida, I hope all is well in your neck of the world! :)

  2. love the photo and I LOVE Crabtree and Evelyn!

  3. Love the background you picked. Very light and minty fresh. It works.
    That was one of my favorite winter ones from the March set.
    I love the Crabtree and Evelyn that you sent me. They have lovely things.

  4. Thanks Caren!! Bern I know you like the Crabtree stuff :) I am glad you like the new background, I am hoping it will help Auntie J be able to read it better. ;)

  5. Sorry about the weather but what a beautiful photo!

  6. Yeah, all ice must be one big skating rink. But your picture is exquisite. You have the artist's "eye," It's after midnight and I was outside with the neighbors watching fireworks going off in all directions. Bang Bang. My dog is going crazy. So Happy New Year.


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