Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

When I was visiting a friend in Montana we all decided to check out the local thrift stores, something I love to do because you always find some gem of a treasure.  This expedition was no exception when I stumbled across a book called Celebration; A Year of Parties, Extravaganzas & Gatherings with Friends and Family by Susan Branch.  The book is no longer in print but can still be found at Amazon new for $19.99.  I was also able to find a copy at for $7.81 with $3.99 shipping in brand new condition.  The premise for the book is  "A great deal of the joy brought about by any event or celebration is in the remembering. With that in mind, Susan created this keepsake book as a place where family and friends can share impressions, expressions of love, words of wisdom and friendly advice. Included are wonderful handwritten quotations and beautiful watercolor illustrations in Susan’s lighthearted style – with lots of room to record the memories that will truly make this book a keepsake. Every season has its events, from Spring flings and Summer celebrations to Fall festivities and Winter revelries. This keepsake book is designed to be a record of all the fun!" ~ Amazon  As always, with this or any out of print book be sure to check on Ebay as well, you may find a one cent deal with shipping under $3.00.


In doing this article today I found that even though this book is no longer in print, Ms. Branch does have other books available and I am excited to find them because I love to document important moments in life, Holidays, weddings, vacations, milestone birthdays etc.  A few currently in print are Christmas Joy : A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home, Days from the Heart of the Home, Girlfriends Forever and Baby Love: A Keepsake Book from the Heart of the Home. all of which look like really fun books and would make great gifts for Birthdays, Baby Showers and the holidays.  You can check out the Susan Branch web site for information about the author, more great books that are on the way as well as some great recipes, you can even order books and calenders direct from the author as well as some really fun stuff for sewing and baking as well as things for the home, including one of my favorite sections, the vintage area.

Have a great Sunday everyone!


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  1. Thanks for following my blog and reading my crazy story! I will check out that website and author. I know a few people who would enjoy those books! You have a great blog here....have a wonderful holiday!

  2. Look at the pretty kitty you have on the left side.
    Those are such fun looking books. Are you going to write in the copy you have now?

  3. Look at the pretty kitty you have on the left side.
    Those are such fun looking books. Are you going to write in the copy you have now?


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