Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday's freebie...

Getting free stuff is sweet! First head over to get your fee sample of Rimmel Sweet Jelly Lip Gloss in your choice of one of four shades.  If that isn't sweet enough for you then maybe you need some pie.  If you live near a Whataburger then be sure to print the coupon for a free piece of decedent fried pie good December 11th only.  If that's a little too sweet for you then hope over to The Republic of Tea and request a free catalog, each one comes with a free tea sample, it could be a fruit tea, a chocolate tea, a hibiscus tea or a traditional tea, its a surprise each time but always good.

Have a great Friday everyone!!


1 comment:

  1. Oh, that is a fun freebie! I know how you like new lippies. I'm off to sign up now.
    The tea doesn't really wow me, but loving the lip stuff. I hope that one free sample will do my lips. Roy is thinking it might only be enough to cover the bottom lip. *pout*


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