Tuesday, December 14, 2010

It's A Matter of Taste

In Minnesota folks don't use a lot of spices. Think of a lot of white bland food. Its the Scandinavian heritage that most folks have. Salt, pepper and ketchup are the big three of spices. Its very rare anyone will use chili powder or Tabasco sauce. Some cooks shake it up and use ginger and nutmeg in baking.

When I moved to Montana, I was in for a rude awaking. These people have spices and are not afraid to use them. They have cabinets full of spices. Everything from All Spice to Turmeric. I'm still not clear on when to use Turmeric. These people have whole cupboards of spices and are not afraid to use them.

My now, husband, used to cook for me when we were dating. He had a whole shelf system of spices in little jars, all labeled and all scary looking. As he would cook dinner for us he would use a minimum of three spices. As he cooked he would tell me, "I don't know about you but my ___ don't come pre-seasoned." It used to make me laugh, until he said it about everything he cooked. Then it got old.

I got to thinking about spices last night at dinner. I had made a new to us recipe. Before the Mr. dug in he asked, "What kind of spices did you use?" Well heck, I didn't even think about it. I told him, "None." He started to pout and said, "Not even salt or pepper?" Nope, the recipe didn't call for it. It had spaghetti sauce in it, so I figured that was enough spice.

We ate it and it and didn't die from lack of spice. However, in my head I thought it needed something. Living in Montana must have rubbed off on me.

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  1. We love our spices, admittedly the Mr. likes the hotter ones more than me but we do own Turmeric (Its great on fish and chicken), both hot and sweet paprika's, dill, fennel, allspice and even some gourmet salts. I love cooking with fun stuff like your Mr. B. :) Glad you two had a good dinner though!!


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