Wednesday, October 20, 2010

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paranymph  \PAIR-uh-nimf\ ~ noun

DEFINITION:  1: a friend going with a bridegroom to fetch home the bride in ancient Greece; also : the bridesmaid conducting the bride to the bridegroom

2a : best man b : bridesmaid

EXAMPLES: The bride and groom, accompanied by their paranymphs, stood before the officiating clergy.

DID YOU KNOW? "Paranymph" resulted from the marriage of the Greek prefix "para-" and the Greek word for bride, "nymphē." The prefix "para-" can mean "beside" or "alongside of," as is apparent in the word "parallel," from the Greek word "parallēlos," a union of "para-" and the word "allēnōn," meaning "of one another." At one time, the word "paranymph" also was used for a person who solicits or speaks for another -- that is, an advocate -- but that sense is now very rare.


Getting your floors ready to entertain this holiday season?  Bissell is having their Fall Savings Days.  If you purchase a Bissell you qualify for a rebate of up to $40.00.  If you spend $60.00 - $99.00 you get the $10.00 rebate, spend $100.00 - 199.00 and you will get the $20.00 rebate, spend $200.00 or more and you will get get the $40.00 rebate.  This rebate is instant if you purchase through using the coupon codes listed on the rebate form at checkout, or if you buy through your favorite store, just download  and fill in the rebate form and mail it in with the original cash register receipt and the UPC code cut from the box.  Purchases must be made between 10/10/10 and 11/6/10 and envelopes need to be postmarked no later than 11/15/10.

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  1. The Bissell boxes with Rainbow Diamond should be in the stores by now as well.
    (She is a rescue dog a friend who is featured on some of the Bissell boxes)


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