Saturday, October 2, 2010

Savings to scream over...

Halloween is almost here, are you ready for the Ghouls and goblins to come out?  If not here are some places to find some great deals on every thing you may need from candy and different ideas for the trick or treaters to costumes for the family.

Most of us adults stay home for the big night and hand out candy but have you considered some different options?  I have a friend who's mom doesn't get a lot of kids to her door so she goes to Sam's Club and gets a case of those half cans of soda, the kids love to go to her house because its something different.  Another idea along those lines is the small juice boxes, Sam's Club had the Apple and Eve Fruitables variety pack in the store, these are nice because they have 1/3 less sugar than other brands.  If you are going to stick to the tried and true candy then be sure to watch your local grocers fliers for sales, the manufacture candy coupons are hard to come by because they know you are going to purchase candy for the holiday.

If you are planning on attending a costume party, or in my case an all out Halloween wedding, many of the costume sites are having sales.  Babies"R"Us is offering 20% on new ''R'' exclusive Halloween costumes order through October 30th for your little one's.  The Disney Store had their costumes on sale for the kids who are a little older, they are offering $10.00 off costume orders until October 5th.  For kids of almost all ages The WB is offering costumes at up to 50% off, everything from Harry Potter to Freddie Kruger.  Also check out Shindigz, they have some costumes marked down as much as 90%!  My friend just had a really hard time finding shoes to go with her outfit in her size and called a ton of costume companies until she got to Fierce Costumes, the lady there was above and beyond for customer service, so if you are looking for something really great or a little hard to find try them out, if you use coupon code TRICKORTREAT you will get 10% off your order, you can also find them on Facebook where they offer discounts and promotions as well.  Got a costume that just wouldn't be complete without having weird eyes?  Coastal Contacts has a huge selection of wild lens, use coupon code SFX25OFF for 25% off your order.  If you even dress up the dog for the night check out, they have everything from cute collars to full costumes for your Fido and right now everything for Halloween is 10% off.

Looking for a little entertainment for fright night? Put your feet up, light a nice candle from Colonial Candle's scent of the month selections that are on sale for 25% off, grab yourself a little indulgent treat from Cherry Moon Farms, who is having a sale of 15% off selected Halloween goodies, and read a good book.  Barnes and Noble has all the Halloween favorites as well as some you have never seen on sale, how about Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Do you have plans for Halloween?  Planning on visiting a haunted house, or a real haunted place?  I would love to hear about it.

Have a fantastic day everyone!


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  1. Great ideas! I'm the one who had such fabulous service at Their customer service went above and beyond to help me find shoes for my wedding! Love them.


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