Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

Halloween is coming faster than a witch on a turbo propelled Bissell so I thought today we would look at some great old film classics to get you in the spirit as it were.

I found five sets of classic movies that are perfect for satisfying my love of classic movies as well as embracing the darkness of the holiday.  The first one, Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection includes Frankenstein from 1931 The Bride of Frankenstein from 1935 Son of Frankenstein from 1939 The Ghost of Frankenstein from 1942 and The House of Frankenstein from 1944 all staring Boris Karloff.  I was able to find this collection for the lowest price from the NBC Universal Store, the price is $12.98 plus $4.95  for shipping for a total cost of $17.93

The next set is Dracula - The Legacy Collection, this set has multiple stars from the era, such as  Lon Chaney Jr. and John Carradine and includes Dracula, both the English and Spanish version from 1931, Dracula's Daughter from 1936, Son of Dracula from 1943 and House of Dracula from 1945.  The lowest price again was from the NBC Universal Store with a price of $12.98 plus $4.95 for shipping for a total cost of $17.93.

Next on the list is The Mummy: The Legacy Collection which includes The Mummy from 1932, The Mummy's Hand from 1940, The Mummy's Tomb from 1942, The Mummy's Ghost from 1944 and The Mummy's Curse also from 1944.  These movies also feature Lon Chaney Jr. and  Boris Karloff.  I found these for a little less than the first two at the NBC Universal Store, $10.98 plus the $4.95 shipping for a total cost of $15.93.

Who could forget The Invisible Man: The Legacy Collection, this set includes The Invisible Man from 1933, The Invisible Man Returns from 1940, Invisible Agent from 1942, Invisible Woman from 1940 and The Invisible Man's Revenge from 1944.  This set stars Claude Rains, Vincent Price and John Barrymore.  NBC Universal Store has the lowest price again at $12.98 plus $4.95 for shipping for a total cost of $17.93.

The final set is of course The Wolf Man - The Legacy Collection and includes The Wolf Man from 1941, Werewolf of London from 1935, Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man from 1943 and She-Wolf of London from 1946.  This set includes such actors as Bela Lugosi and the renowned Lon Chaney Jr..  I was totally unsurprised to find the lowest cost was again at the NBC Universal Store, the price for this set is $12.98 plus $4.95 for shipping for a total cost of $17.93.

A couple things about the NBC Universal store, first if you order more than one of these collections the shipping will be $4.95 for the whole order not per item, also, I found a coupon code for 25% off your order, just type in NBCU25VIP at the checkout.

The reason I love these films is because they have had such a great influence on the modern day Horror genera.  I also like how far ahead of their time the special effects and cinematography were, we tend to take those things for granted now with the advent of CGI.  Do you have an all time favorite Horror film?  I would love to hear what it is and why its a favorite.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. *howling* Faster than a witch on a turbo powered Bisell! I love it.
    What a great group of movies. We usually try to watch the classic horror movies every Halloween.


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