Monday, October 11, 2010


Happy Monday to everyone! My name is Bernie and Michele asked if I wanted to play on her blog. I live in Montana and will be getting married in Minnesota at the end of the month. My fiancee' agreed that I should go back to Minnesota for two weeks before the wedding. What a guy! That means I get to actually see the decorations and other items for my wedding. My Mom and girlfriends will be able to see my wedding dress. Yea!

Speaking of girlfriends, Michele and our friend Jen will be meeting me in Minneapolis when I fly in. We are going to stay overnight in the cities and have some fun. When the three of us get together its one big gigglefest. This spring they came to Montana to visit me for a week and our sides hurt from laughing so hard. It seems as if everything is funnier when we are all in the same room. Even if its not really funny normally.

During their visit we took a car ride to Yellowstone Park. Michele is very good about spotting birds and wildlife as we were flying down the road. Jen and I are not good at that at all. So Michele was our spotter. Michele was so pleased with all the Magpies she saw. We knew that because every time she saw one she would yell, "Magpie!" Who knew that Montana had so many Magpies? It was news to me. Jen and I were feeling like losers by not spotting these as well, we got over zealous in looking for them. It didn't matter if it was a crow, a leave, a stick, or most times nothing, we would yell "Magpie!" Michele would patiently explain to use why a crow couldn't be a Magpie, but we didn't care, it kept us amused.

Finally, when we went to a museum, we saw a stuffed Magpie in a display. We both yelled, much louder than one should in a museum, "Magpie!" Bragging how we finally spotted one of Michele's Magpies. She was laughing so hard, we thought that she would wet her pants. Michele had a total of 6 Magpie spotting and we had one. Which we kept bragging out that one Magpie sighting the rest of the trip.

Now when we all get together, someone usually yells out "Magpie" for no reason. It makes us all laugh and that is good enough for us.


  1. Thanks for posting today Bernie, I am glad you were able to do it!! It will be fun to see what you write about next, you are welcome to fill in for me any time! Ohhhhhh lookie, a MAGPIE! For the record, all my Magpies were living, Jen and Bern's were stuffed. ;)

  2. OH can I randomly yell Magpie when we do lunch or dinner, or is it a had to be there thing? :)


  3. have to come with on our next trip...between the 3 of us we can probably get Michele to finally pee her pants! Michele is the magpie queen but she totally missed the Elk.


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