Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday In Minnesota

I made it into Minnesota on Saturday. I took the shuttle to the hotel to meet the girls. Michele and Jen had a lovely table set with wines, cheeses, meats, Godiva chocolate and other assorted goodies. Not to mention bottles of wine. We all got quite silly and loud. There is nothing better than getting together with girlfriends after a long absence.

One of our highlights was seeing the area that Michele grew up in. That was fun seeing the house she grew up in. Hearing about what things had changed in the area. Her high school was HUGE! It seemed to go on for days. It was so nice that she shared a part of herself. Very pretty area.

This week should be a busy one. Michele and Jen need to come out to the house a couple times this week. They will get to see the decorations and flowers my mom had made for the wedding. I asked Michele if she would take a picture of them for me as well. It will be nice for me to have and good for the scrapbooks they are making.

Another thing we will all get to do is see how long it takes me to get into my corset. That should be fun for all. As long as I don't have to hold and chair and have them in a line behind me, tugging and pulling, it should be good. Better to have an idea know how long it takes, rather than last minute at the wedding.

Glad to be in Minnesota on this chilly Monday morning! Brrrr

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  1. I am so glad you had a good weekend before we "get to work". I am really looking forward to taking pictures of all your mom's hard work, she has done such a beautiful job on the decorations!!


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