Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

As many of you know I really enjoy watching TV on DVD, I love being able to put the shows in the order I enjoy watching, being able to pause them or skip over an episode if I have seen it. I know I could watch many of them on line but they usually don't have a whole season and I have problems with pausing on the computer, many times I come back and my computer has gone into sleep mode and the video wants to start over. Don't get me wrong, its great if I miss an episode of Top Chef or Project Runway, but for a full season of fun I need my DVDs. Recently I had a few shows come out close together and found something I had never watched. I had a great coupon from Best Buy so I picked up the first season of a show called The Glades.  It airs on A & E on Sundays at 10/9 central.  It is the story of detective Jim Longworth, from Chicago, who moves to Florida after his boss shoots him in the rump.  He is a little crass, a little self centered, a little full of himself and has a wry sense of humor.  He is also hopelessly in love.  Unfortunately the woman he loves is currently married to an inmate of the Florida Correctional Facility making things a little more complicated.  This show fits all my credentials for great TV, the characters are fun and a little bit quirky and the dynamics are perfect.   If you are interested on finding the first season on DVD be sure to check the going rate on eBay or  For a new copy the lowest price I found was at DeepDiscount for $26.65 with free shipping on your order.

I hope you are all having a terrific long weekend!  Remember to check out the Saturday Sojourn swap we have going on right now, it should be a lot of fun!


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  1. The commercials for that show are fun. They kind of suck you in and make you want to watch.


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