Monday, July 11, 2011

Meet me on Monday...

I was honored to receive an award from Caren over at Cat Chat with Caren and Cody the other day!  I figured that since one of the requirements of the award was to tell 7 unknown facts about me that you may or may not know that would qualify as a "Meet Me on Monday" post.

Thank you again Caren and Cody!!  Here are the 7 facts:

1) I was quite shy as a child and forced myself into situations when I got older to over come it, including taking a public speaking class in high school.  Now a lot of my friends will agree that I never shut up.

2) I adore traveling, it is fun to go back to places I love and to learn about places I have never been.

3) I have a Welsh Corgi named Tucker and a striped cat who is officially named Mrs. Murphy.  They are named after the Corgi and the cat in a series of mystery books by Rita Mae Brown and her writing companion Sneekie Pie.

4) My family tree includes a famous outlaw family on my dads side (the James' and the Youngers), a Canadian boxing champion (my dad's dad) a professional football player (my dad) one of the first State Troopers for Minnesota (my mom's dad) and a beauty queen (my mom). 

5) When I was younger I went to Arizona with my folks and found a rock I cleaned up while we were there,  by the time I got home I had a weird burning rash between my fingers.  The Dr. realized the rock I had was radioactive and I had gotten burns from it, he made me give up the waaaaaay cool rock.  Now days I try to keep X-rays to a minimum. ;-)

6) I tend to be a person who is "in for a penny in for a pound", when a friend finally got me to "try" scrapbooking I bought everything I may ever need and filled an entire closet in less than a week, with blogging I went from writing once or twice a week to every day in a mater of a couple weeks.  I tend to jump into the deep end when I do stuff, thankfully it usually works out fine.

7) I have very eclectic taste, so much so that my husband had to have a separate iPod, he couldn't stand listening to something from a classical piece to rap or hip hop, then to country, then Irish folk, then something by Ozzie or Marilyn Manson, it drives him nuts.  (My reading is the same way, mystery, biography, history, vampire fiction, travel, romance on occasion, suspense and some horror)

Now, I am supposed to give this award to 15 bloggers who I think are "Irresistibly Sweet":

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I wanted to also give the award to Tourist Cup but he already received it. But I wanted to include his blog because the pictures are so beautiful.

Have a great week everyone!



  1. wow you act fast!! I sat on that post for weeks before I did it! You aren't kidding that you jump in! lol

    What a cool background you have! What football team did your Dad play for? I love football and so does my husband.

    That is so cool that your Mom was a beauty queen!

    I am like you with music. I have very eclectic taste. I probably listen to a little bit of everything. I like that, keeps the mind young!

  2. Hello from your new follower from Monday mingle blog hop!

  3. Caren, my dad played for the San Diago Bombers and the Hollywood Bears in the 40s before they closed the Pacific Coast Professional Division. The Bears team was sold off to Chicago when the division closed and I believe the Bombers were move to Washington and later became the Red Skins.

  4. Concats! We find you irresistibly sweet too!


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