Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

The picture...

We took a local visitors cruise of Lake Superior last summer when my Sister-in-Law and her family came to visit.  One of the things we saw was this wheel house of a deconstructed Great Lakes freighter. It was kind of sad that it is growing old next to the lake it sailed.

The deal...

I have noticed a few of the bloggers I read all the time are talking about swimsuits and getting in shape for the season.  Although we actually had snow flurries yesterday it got me thinking that eating better for the summer is always a goal of mine, especially as the fruits and veggies come into the local farmers markets.  I found a great coupon from Best Buy for 20% off any WOLF juicer good through the end of the month.  I had a juicer way back when and we used it so much we burned out the motor.  Its a great way to use the excess fruits from the summer so nothing goes to waste.   My favorite was to make Cantaloupe juice and then mix it into vanilla ice cream and re-freeze it, not super healthy but super good!

Have a great Thursday everyone.



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  2. You are right, it is sort of sad to see that old boat growing old next to the water. I guess that's just life...sooner or later, at some point, it just passes us by.

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  5. I've always wanted to get a juicer! I completely understand about trying to get in shape for summer (even though it's freezing today). My boyfriend and I did yoga last night together, in an attempt to take off our winter roll :)

  6. I'm here from an Alexa blog hop and am now following you on GFC & FB. I'd love it if you could stop by and follow me back. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  7. I had lots of fun last summer with my juicer. Time to pull it out again. New follower!

  8. That wheelhouse makes my heart hurt.
    We had a juicer for a while. Mr. Bernie loved it. Me, not so much. It used fruits and veggies. If it worked for chocolate....


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