Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

I love to watch TV shows on DVD, I can pause them, watch them back to back, or even skip an episode without waiting for the show to come on once a week, sure, I could download the shows but usually only certain episodes are available to watch on my computer or iPad, with a DVD I get them all and I can watch them on any screen in the house, plus I get the extras that are usually on the DVDs.  The down side is the cost.  My latest purchase was the final season of Numb3rs at Target for $40.00, ouch!  I did have a $20.00 gift card from my purchases there last week and a 5% off discount credit from our pharmacy rewards and I used my Red Card for another 5% off but still it got me to thinking about the difference between finding a boxed set vs. the series one at a time.

I found the lowest price for the boxed set of Numb3rs at for $132.29 with shipping of $2.95 on any order.  If you are a member of Club O you would get free shipping and until April 25th you would earn 18% back on your purchase.  To join is $19.95 per year so on this purchase you would save $21.24 plus the $2.95 shipping, making it worth the price.  Interested in seeing the boxed set savings over the individual season?  Here is the breakdown from the lowest prices for new copies per season:

Season One:          $17.95 with free shipping from EDVDoutlet
Season Two:          $16.86 with free in store pick up at Walmart
Season Three:       $16.74 with $2.98 shipping at
Season Four:         $27.00 plus $0.96 shipping from GoHastings
Season Five:          $22.49 plus $2.98 shippinbg at
Season Six:            $38.25 plus $0.96 shipping at GoHastings

The total for the individual seasons with shipping is $147.17 vs the box set at $132.29, a savings of almost $15.00 that you can use to buy popcorn.

Happy Easter everyone, hope you are having a beautiful day!


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  1. Great tip. When you break it down like that, you can really see that in the long run you are saving money. I will have to do this break down for some of my fav shows.

  2. Newest follower- catching up on my blog hopping- better later then never. Please visit me too!

  3. Roy really liked that show a the couple times he has seen it. You know math and numbers are fun for him. Freak!


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