Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wednesday's learn and earn...


gormandize \GOR-mun-dyze\ ~verb

DEFINITION: to eat gluttonously or ravenously

EXAMPLES: Lady Baleforth watched in horror as Lord Hoggwood gormandized the hors d'oeuvres, polishing off the entire lot before any of the other guests even arrived.
"People stuff themselves, they gorge, they gormandize; their fingers are greasy from morning to night." -- From Philippe Sagant's 2008 book The Dozing Shaman

DID YOU KNOW? "Gormandize" entered English in the mid-1500s as a modification of "gourmand," a term borrowed from the French that served as a synonym for "glutton." The meanings of both "gourmand" and "gormandize" were clearly disparaging until the 19th century, when "gourmet" came into use to refer to a connoisseur of food and drink. Since then, the meaning of "gourmand" has softened, so that it now suggests someone who likes good food in large quantities but not in a way that is disgusting or gluttonous. "Gormandize" still carries such negative connotations, but it can also imply that a big eater has a discriminating palate as well as a generous appetite.

Well March is the month for me, its officially Dummies month!  Buy any For Dummies book for $6.99 or more before March 31, including E-books and audio books, and you can and you can a rebate of $5.00 or a Dummies t-shirt.  All yo need to do is fill in the rebate form and mail it in with the original or legible photo copy of your purchase, you can request up to four rebates per form.  To make it even better Amazon is having a half off sale on the huge array of the Dummies books (there are over 1,400 now) so now is the time to learn a new language, take up crafting, learn about your computer or start bee keeping.  Have fun and learn something new.

Have a great day everyone and remember, if you follow me on Facebook you get three entrees into my $10.00 Amazon gift card drawing on Friday.  What even more entries?  Check out the original post.



  1. Hi, thank you for following Playful Decor! I love that you have a learn-a-word day! We can all use that! Have a good day!

  2. The way you gormandize green veggies is gross to me. *sweet smile* That is because I'm a baby and don't like green veggies. *lol*

    Nice find. One thing we never got for the wedding planning was Weddings for Dummies. I just thought of that.

  3. Thanks for commenting on my blog!! I'm now following yours. Have a great week!


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