Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

I have been waiting for a couple of movies that were just released the first of March.  The first one is Faster staring Dwayne Johnson aka: The Rock as a man refered to through the move as Driver.  It's the story of a man released from prison who goes after the men responsible for his brothers death.  The film also stars Billy Bob Thornton as the cop assigned to capture Driver.  As the story progresses you learn more and more about each character, slowly revealing the full story behind the death of Drivers brother.  Thrown in the mix is an assassin sent to kill Driver before he gets to his last victim played by Oliver Jackson-Cohen.  This movie is high on the list of must sees for anyone that enjoys the sheer adrenaline rush of watching fast cars and things that blow up, and for that, you can count me in!  I was able to find Faster for the lowest price at Amazon for $14.99 plus $2.98 shipping if you are under the $25 minimum for free shipping.  The Blu Ray copy was the lowest at Amazon also for $19.99 plus the $2.98 shipping.

The next one is Burlesque staring Cher as Tess, a Burlesque theater owner struggling to stay afloat, enter Christina Aguilera as Ali the small town girl looking to make it big.  Ali starts in the club as an actress and works her way up to the stage and soon becomes the star of the show.  This movie didn't receive high marks from the critics but I think the music and the costumes will more than make up for what may be lacking in a rather predictable story line.  I was able to find the DVD version Burlesque for the lowest price at Amazon for $16.99 plus $2.98 shipping if you are under the $25.00 minimum.  The Blu Ray copy was also the lowest at Amazon for $19.99 plus the $2.98 shipping.

So there you have it, the two movies I have been waiting moths for that couldn't be more different than night and day.  Have you seen either of them?  If so I would love to know what you thought of them.

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  1. I thought Burlesque would be an interesting watch. Not sure how I would feel about watching Christina for an hour or two. I do enjoy Cher.

  2. Good movie reviews on both. I'm a movie buff and can lose my identity into almost any kind of movie. Thanks.
    Love and peace,

  3. I've been tempted to check out Faster, and this review has made up my mind. Totally checking it out from Redbox!
    Cruised over from FTLOB

  4. Thanks! These are two movies I would have overlooked. Now I'm adding them to my netflix list!


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