Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

I know I usually pick a title to write about but with the holidays upon us I thought I would write about the actual hardware of media.  Today's picks are the Philips 7" Portable TV and the 16 GIB Apple iPad with 3G Wifi. I would also have looked at an e-reader but with the iPad or a smart phone you wouldn't need this devise so it seemed a bit redundant.  Technically true for the mini TV as well but some of the less gadget orientated folks, ie my husbands, appreciate having just a little entertainment on the go.

The Philips 7" Portable TV is LCD and comes in wide-screen format. You should be able to get three hours of use with the built-in rechargeable battery and the whole package includes the TV together with a Detachable antenna and a Headphone jack.  This is a great gift for someone you know who likes to spend time outdoors but never likes to miss a game.   The lowest price I was able to find was at Walmart for $88.98, marked down from $110.00 with free shipping and as of the writing of this article they were currently still in stock.  Remember, if you shop through Ebates or Market America you will get 2% cash back on your purchase here, or if you are a member of My Points you will get one point per dollar spent at Walmart.

The 16 GIB Apple iPad with the 3G Wifi was picked because it is the middle of the road iPad.  The Wifi is optional but is a great feature for anyone who travels, it works by going into the settings section of the iPad and turning it on for an instant connection.  There is a monthly fee of $30.00 for the Wifi connection but it is only charged if its used, which means that if you only need it a couple of times a year the owner will only be charged $60.00.  The lowest price I found from a highly rated company was with Sweetwater, the base price is the same as the Apple store but they do not charge tax or shipping making the base price of $629.00 the total cost of the item.  The iPad comes with the Dock Connector to USB Cable 10W USB Power Adapter and Documentation.  This item was also in stock at the time this was written.  Some fun accessories to consider with this gift would be a camera connector kit, a carrying case or cover and Anti-Glare screen protector. 

Have a great Sunday everyone.


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  1. Thank you for doing all the work. These would be handy gadgets for folks!


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