Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Keep Scaring Myself

A couple of years ago, the Mr. and I bought an animated man for Halloween. He stays inside the house during the year so he doesn't freeze. That means he keeps getting moved from room to room. Then I forget about him.At full height he stands close to 7 feet tall.
Last year for Thanksgiving we put him in our office and forgot about him. Roy's family noticed him when we went to show them what little we did with the office. It caused them to jump. We had my friend Teresa's daughter over and he was in our garden tub and she let out a shriek to wake the dead. Michele and Jen had a little jolt when they noticed him in our bathroom.
Lately, he is hanging out in our guest room. The curtains are sheer so people can see him from the road. Every time I walk by the guest room to use the bathroom I either think its Roy or a stranger. It makes sure my heart keeps beating when I jump. Its almost time to put his Santa hat on so he is ready for the holiday's. We are not sure if he is going to be standing by the Christmas tree or not.
We really need a hobby.


  1. Gunther sure gave me the creeps when he was in your shower and you were showing the house, it was like the zombie version of Psycho!

  2. Since Halloween is over put a plastic bag over
    his head and store him until next year like you
    would a snowman or artifical tree. Yikes he is
    scary does not belong by the tree or manger anymore than a snowman at the 4th of July picnic.


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