Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Menu Planning Can Be Handy, If You Follow It

I got married a few weeks ago and have been having a hard time getting into the swing of things. I decided to start making a weekly menu again, in hopes of trying to get us back on track. Not so much with on track with healthy menus, just menus in general.

I have a ton of cookbooks, it can be a fun or frustrating task, depending on my mood. This week was a fun one. My sister-in-law, brother and niece made me a cookbook of all their family favorites. When they entertain they always have enough food for an army. Everything tastes great! So as a wedding gift to us they gathered up their favorite family recipes and put them into a cookbook for us. They went the extra mile to add photos and cooking tips as well as scrapbook pages. It is a real treat to read. I must admit it was a very unexpected and amazing thing.

On Saturday, I would have been doing thank you cards, but I was too busy going through the cookbook. I found several recipes that we plan on trying this week. So I made a grocery list and hung a menu on the refrigerator. I always feel so accomplished when I post a menu. It must be because I forget that I actually have to cook said menu during the week. But for those few seconds, life is good. Makes me feel like an adult.

Last night we did our grocery shopping according to the list. Mr. Bernie trimmed and cut up the chuck roast for me last night. What a guy! I think he is just happy that I might actually cook something. If he does the prep work, there is a better chance of me cooking. I was surprised that he was busy making bread in our bread-maker this morning. I think it was his way to get mentioned in the blog, do something unexpected and I will sing his praises. I should be assembling meat and spices in the crockpot. I just have not made it that far yet this morning. The meat is calling to me from the refrigerator and I have my fingers in my ears ignoring it. I will do it, just on my own time in my own way. Hopefully, this morning.

Planning a menu can be a great thing, if you actually follow through with it. Some days I do and some days I don't. Its a gamble as to which day today is.

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  1. I have zero planning sense when it comes to planning a weekly menu, we just look in the freezer in the morning (on a good day, I guess I should do that hu?) and take something out then when it comes time to cook said meat choice we hem and haw about the vegitables, peas, carrots, corn? Maybe we should try your way....... next week. lol


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