Saturday, October 16, 2010

Old money...

Every fall when I start to get geared up to put out the seasonal decorations I also take a look in the closets to switch up my clothes from summer to winter. Every year I find things I didn't wear for one reason or another that we take into the Goodwill or Salvation Army. We also have some great second hand stores in the area that will either buy things outright to re-sell or put things on consignment. This is a great way to get a little extra cash to use on your holiday planning. Just this week I also got a wonderful e-mail from a place called BBOS that will purchase your gently used designer handbags. Most women usually get tired of looking at these bags long before they ever wear out, so this is a great way to get some cash for them. I have a Coach purse that belonged to my Grandmother that looks like it was just purchased yesterday, despite the fact that both my Grandmother and mother used it before it was passed on to me.

Another thing I had sitting in drawers around here were old cell phones, we finally broke down and sent them off to the Cell Phones for Soldiers program. If you don't want to donate them to the Soldiers you can also check for a local women's shelter, they can always use them as well. If you would like to make a little money off your old phone Pace Buttler will buy back quite a few but some are hardly worth the time it takes to package them up so be sure to check the price list first. Always remember to deactivate your old cell phones before you donate or sell them.

Cleaning out your jewelry box? Many of you have probably seen a million commercials on TV for places to sell your old or broken jewelry and wondered about the pricing. I recently used The Gold Guys in the Twin Cities (JUST before they opened a place closer to where I live), and they were fantastic to deal with. We got the current, up to the minute market price for gold, this is important because gold is like selling stock, it goes up and down and you want to be able to sell when its high, if you mail it in you don't know what the price will be when it arrives at it destination.

Finally, if you have decided to trim down your DVD, Game or CD collection take a look at Second Spin. They will pay a set price for each item which makes it easy to know in advance what you can get. Just click on what you would like to sell at the top of the page and then type in the title or UPC to see what you can get, it may not be a lot but if you have a few things it adds up quick. 
Have a great weekend and happy hunting.


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  1. Interesting tips for getting rid of your old items. Being able to make a couple bucks on something you don't even use anymore is always welcome.


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