Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

I had no blog yesterday because I was personal attendant to a dear friend who just got married.  Sorry for the delay today as well but I was invited to her parents house for gift opening.  Thanks for your patients everyone.

Not all that long ago a friend got me interested in scrapbooking and I love it, so of course when I found the set of books by Laura Childs I was in my version of heaven, mystery and scrapbooking theme, its like all my favorite cooking mysteries!  So far the series consists of 7 books:

Scrapbooking Mysteries

1. Keepsake Crimes (2003)
2. Photo Finished (2004)
5. Frill Kill (2007)
6. Death Swatch (2008)
7. Tragic Magic (2009)
8. Fiber & Brimstone (2010)

I have just purchased a set of the first 4 books so these are the ones I have focused my blog on today.  I was able to find Keepsake Crimes at The Book Depository for $6.07 with free shipping for a new copy, if you would like a used copy the lowest price I found was at Sea Shell Books for $1.99 plus $1.99 shipping that brought the whole total to $3.98.  They were a few cents higher than the next competitor but they have a 5 star rating vs the others rating of 1 star.  If you have a kindle you can download the book from Amazon for $6.99.
The second book in the series, Photo Finished is available new from The Book Depository for $5.88 with free shipping, a used copy can be found for only $1.99 from Sea Shell Books, add the $1.99 shipping for a total cost of $3.98.  The Kindle version available from Amazon is $6.99 for the download.
The third book, Bound for Murder can be found new from Deep Discount for $6.29 with free shipping.  If a used copy will work just as well the look at Blue Cloud Books, the cost is only $3.95 with free shipping.  The Kindle version available through Amazon is $5.99 for the download.
Finally the forth book in the series, Motif for Murder is available new from for $1.01, even with $3.25 for shipping it is still the lowest cost at $4.26 for a new copy.  If you would like a used copy its again lowest with the best rated seller at Sea Shell Books at $1.99 plus shipping of $1.99 for a total of $3.98.  Unfortunately there is no Kindle version of this book.
I hope you all have a great safe Halloween tonight!!

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  1. I would think that for scrappers this would be a neat series.


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