Wednesday, May 4, 2011

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shivaree  \shiv-uh-REE\ ~ noun

DEFINITION: a noisy mock serenade to a newly married couple

EXAMPLES: On the night of Sally and Henry's wedding, the townspeople gathered outside the couple's window to participate in a raucous shivaree.

"A shivaree on Virginia Street brought these youngsters together to bang pots and make noise on the occasion of the Shovlin family wedding." -- From Debbie Bowman Shea's 2011 book Irish Butte

DID YOU KNOW? In 19th century rural America, a newly-married couple might be treated to a mock serenade, performed with pots, pans, homemade instruments, and other noisemakers. Such cacophonous serenades were traditionally considered especially appropriate for second marriages or for unions deemed incongruous because of an age discrepancy or some other cause. In the eastern U.S. this custom, imported from rural England, was simply called a "serenade" or known under various local names. In much of the central U.S. and Canada, however, it was called a "shivaree," a loan from French "charivari," which denotes the same folk custom in France. In more recent years, "shivaree" has also developed broader senses; it is sometimes used to mean simply "a cacophony" or "a celebration."


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    Thanks again!
    Heather H.

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  2. If anyone participated in any that shivaree the night before my wedding, my father would have gone out there an whooped some ass! The neighbors wouldn't have been too happy either.

  3. Oh my goodness - I have never heard of that before! I would love to have one of those before my wedding - too bad people would think I was crazy!

  4. Oh, my. I couldn't even imagine. But when you think of our wedding, I don't know who would have done it. However, I could see you and Jenny out there banging pots and pans.


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