Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

I love finding new TV shows on DVD to watch when it rains, much like my plan for today as a matter of fact.  With that in mind I thought I would share one of the new shows I purchased recently and am really enjoying so far.  I picked up Covert Affairs staring Piper Perabo and Christopher Gorahm.  The  series is based around a young woman, Annie Walker (Piper Perabo) being trained at the CIA farm who is called into active duity early due to her language skills.  Once at the CIA she meets Auggie Anderson (Christopher Gorahm) who, although blind is the beaurus best electronics expert.  The series starts out action packed, with Annie shot at her first day on the job, something, her supervisor tells her, most agents go a whole career without having happen.  The action dosen't slow down for the whole of the first season and is sure to keep you wanting more.  If you arn't sure you want to own it you can ceck out the USA Network's web site and watch an episode or two.  The series starts in the middle online but you can get a feel for the show.  I was able to find the Season One DVD for the lowet price at Amazon for $34.99 with free shipping, it is not available on Blu-ray currently.

I hope you are all having a great weekend.


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  1. You always find the most interesting stuff.

  2. I love when it's really bad out to do the same, but you get addicted and then when it's not bad out you're tempted! I will check Covert Affairs out!


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