Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thursdays picture perfect deal...

The picture...

The Hubby brought me fishing up north, it was a fantastic day, I even saw two moose which was very exciting because in all my years living up north I had never seen one.  As the day progressed the wind picked up and when we turned the canoe my had blew off into the water making a for a fun picture that has turned into one of my favorite pictures.

The deal....

OK so today I actually have two deals.  The holidays are over and its time to put everything away, unfortunately what usually ends up happening to me is I have more to put away then I took out to put up.  That combined with the gifts I received usually results in purchasing at least one storage item every year.  This year it was a drawer system for my Scrap booking paper (I seem to have an issue with thinking I never have enough, and its all so pretty).  I found two places having great sales right now, the first is at Rubbermaid on line, if you order direct from their line of products you can enter coupon code NY15 for 15% off of any order of $125.00 or more, or if you order between $40.00 and the $125.00 you can use coupon code NY10 for 10% off your entire order.  They also recently lowered their shipping charges, plus while you are at their site you can sign to become a preferred Rubbermaid Club member, then you will receive special offers by email and mail.

Second is The Container Store, I have shopped with them in the past and they are very nice to deal with and your order arrives quickly and packages nicely.  They are having their annual Elfa sale with 30% off their closet organization system.  I have a closet organizer in my master bedroom and the amount of additional storage is amazing, it increased what we could store in there by over 60%!  They offer design tools so you can organize a store room, craft area, home office, master bedroom closet or child's play area.  You can chose your design right down to the little details of drawer organizers, its wonderful. 

Remember to use your reward sites to shop through, if you shop at The Container store and are a member of MyPoints you will earn 2 points per dollar spent, or if you go through eBates you will earn a 4% rebates on your purchase and at Quickrewards you will earn 4.10% cash back.  Quickrewards also offers 2.50% cash back at Rubbermaid, the other two sites do not have an offer for Rubbermaid at all.

Have a great day everyone!


Obviously MARvelous


  1. I've been browsing through your site and you really do search out bargains for the rest of us to enjoy. Your work is appreciated. I hope the new year brings all measure of good things your way. Blessings...Mary

  2. I love that picture. Its one of my favorites as well. :)
    Nice find on organizing products. Good luck at getting all your papers in one organizer. Mooo ha ha!


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