Monday, January 3, 2011

Why I'm Not Making Coffee at Work Anymore

My husband owns our business, The Rubber Stamp Shop. I get to be his minion. I know enough of the accounting to be dangerous, I have good phone etiquette and am not rude to customers. Oh, and I can make stamps.

I know some of you are thinking, "Oh, how lucky! She can have any stamp she wants, anytime." Blah, I'm not a crafter, so I don't care. I might make a stamp that has a fun phrase on it to use for an envelope flap. Whoo Whoo. I'm not a crafter, scrapper or any other kind of er.

Anyway, there was a reason I started rambling about my job. Today, while Mr. Bernie was parking our car in the parking garage, I was going to be a helper bee. He had the lid of the coffee pot open. I wanted to surprise him and have fresh coffee waiting for him when he got back. I put the coffee grounds in and went to get some water. I started pouring the water and it was sloshing down the sides. I assumed it was the carafe being temperamental and kept pouring. Suddenly, I had water POURING out of every orifice of the machine!

Right below our machine are all our catalogs from our suppliers. The water flowed onto most of the catalogs. I stood there for a minute not believing what I was seeing. I finally started grabbing catalogs and opening them on our counter top. There is a HUGE puddle of water all around me. I didn't realize this and as I rushed to save more catalogs, I slipped and fell. Cursing like a sailor the entire time.

Mr. Bernie comes in and sees the catalogs drying and a wet floor. He looks at me calmly and says, "Bernadette, what happened? Did you know the floor was wet?" I almost threw the catalog I was going to dry at him. I explained to him that our coffee pot was broken and it should be tossed. He just smirked, I hate that smirk and waited a minute. Then he said, "Bernadette, I already filled the coffee pot before I left. That is why it flowed all over, it was already full of water." Well who knew? Obviously, not me.

While I waited for my pants to dry, I started to call our suppliers to get new catalogs. Everyone of them had a good chuckle when I explained my tale of woe. They assured me new catalogs would be on the way soon. I then told Mr. Bernie, "This is good in a way. We get spanking brand new catalogs and can toss the old ones." I was feeling pretty smug and proud, for about a minute. Until the Mr. burst my bubble. He said, "Yes, every 5 years is a good time to update our catalogs. Don't you remember, you did this same thing 5 years ago?" No, I didn't remember that, so glad he reminded me.

Some days I wish I worked for a man I was not married to. A boss who is just a boss will yell at you and its done. When you are married to the boss, the boss will remind you of the times you messed up. Even if its 5 years later. That is why I'm not going to make coffee at work anymore.

One Mixed Bag


  1. What a funny, humorous, LOL story. Sure am glad I don't drink coffee. Heck, we don't even own a coffee pot.

  2. Hey got your comment would you mind if I posted your comment on the actual post about the scanner so people can see it is legit?

  3. Ohhh Bernie!! I can't believe you withheld this from me last night just so you could blog it today for me!!!! I hope you wern't injured, other than your pride of course. I guess its true, pride goeth before a fall and a blog posting. ;) Colleen you can sure post about the scanner. I love doing it. :)

  4. you poor thing! Can't say that I blame you!

  5. SO FUNNY!! I do things like that ALL the time!

    I saw your comment on Santasgiftshoppe and I just HAD to come meet you!! :)

  6. AliLilly, welcome to the blog, I am so glad you stopped by!! Bernie writes on my blog every Tuesday to infuse a bit of humor. She also has her own humorous blot at One Mixed Bag, be sure to check it out, or the button on my side bar.

  7. oh no!!!! that's one way to get out of making the coffee! ouch on the fall though. Thanks for coming to visit my Blog today


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