Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's learn and earn...


grimalkin  \grih-MAWL-kin\ ~ noun

DEFINITION: a domestic cat; especially : an old female cat

EXAMPLE: Maizy, the family grimalkin, wasn't as fast as she used to be, but she was still very good at catching mice.

DID YOU KNOW? In the opening scene of Macbeth, one of the three witches planning to meet with Macbeth suddenly announces, "I come, Graymalkin." The witch is responding to the summons of her familiar, or guardian spirit, which is embodied in the form of a cat. Shakespeare's "graymalkin" literally means "gray cat." The "gray" is of course the color; the "malkin" was a nickname for Matilda or Maud that came to be used in dialect as a general name for a cat (and sometimes a hare). By the 1630s, "graymalkin" had been altered to the modern spelling "grimalkin."


If you have kids,  grand kids or are a kid at heart, this is a fun rebate.  Buy any Shrek, Shrek Two or Shrek the Third on DVD or Blue Ray  and a 6 pack 1.5 oz or 7oz mini boxes bag purchase of Sunmaid Raisins and get $3.00 back by mail.  Just send in the proof of purchase tab from the DVD or Blue-ray, the UPC from your 6 pack or bag of raisins, the cash register receipts (photo copies are OK) for the movie and the raisins dated between August 1st and March 31, 2011 with the prices circled and the original hand printed completed rebate form.

I checked for the lowest prices on the DVD version of the movie and found that Walmart was the lowest for the first Shrek movie at $8.32 plus shipping and tax that brought it up to $10.95.  For both Shrek Two and Shrek the Third the lowest price was at Movie Mars, both were $14.34 with no shipping fees.

I hope you are all having a good week so far.


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  1. Gwynnie is a graymalkin for sure. Nice word.

    We love the Shrek movies. We saw Shrek the 3rd. at the drive in. Have them all.


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