Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

As I have mentioned in the past I love to read, and as you may know, after books I love to read my travel magazines.  Although I enjoy them very much I actually get more out of reading magazines on where I live, they keep me informed on the things going on in the area and great deals I may not find elsewhere.  I currently subscribe to the Duluth Superior Magazine which is specific to my area but there is also a great publication called Lake Superior which encompasses a larger area and is great when we plan our one day adventures and over night mini vacations.  On occasion I like to check out the Minnesota magazine as well for travel ideas within the state. All the Magazine sites I like,,, and have the same price of $14.95 with-in pennies for a 12 month subscription.

So where do you live?  I have a great friend in Billings Montana and they have three publications for the state, Montana Magazine, Distinctly Montana Magazine and Montana Outdoors.  The lowest price for the Montana Magazine was at Discount Magazines, $22.99 for 6 issues,  The lowest for the Distinctly Montana Magazine was $19.99 for 4 issues, also at Discount Magazines, and a Montana Outdoors six issue subscription is $9.00 at all of the providers.  For something more localized they have a magazine specifically for her area, Billings, called Magic, it is $29.00 for the year and like the Duluth Superior Magazine it needs to be purchased through the company that prints the magazine.  Going the other direction, I have a Nephew that lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and while they don't have a magazine specific to the location he is in, there is a wonderful periodical for the Boston area called simply, Boston Magazine, you can get a 12 issue subscription for only $9.99 at, there is also a nice publication for the outdoor enthusiast called Massachusetts Wildlife Magazine, a 4 copy subscription is only $5.99 at Discount Magazines.

One of the other publications that is wonderful if you live in an area that they are offered is the Time Out series, they have grown quite a bit over the years and offer weekly information on Boston, Chicago, Miami, New York just to name a few in the US as well as internationally from Vancouver to Sydney to Dubai to Paris, if you are planning on traveling or just what to find out whats going on in your neck of the woods these are great and the company is growing each year to include more place.

I was also able to find some coupon codes to help you along the way, is offering $5.00 of a select list of magazines, use coupon code fall_5off and has a coupon listed for 10% off your purchase using coupon code SAVE10.

I hope this encourages you to check out some of the publication in your local area and start seeing things you never knew were at your own back door.

Have a great weekend all!


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  1. I love my magazines! And Duluth/Superior is my favorite magazine. Thank you for getting me hooked on it!


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