Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursdays picture perfect deal..

The picture...

Last Summer we had a baby Flycatcher parked on our railing by its mother, it stayed for quite awhile so I got some great shots of it.

The deal...

I love burning scented candles, its especially therapeutic in the middle of a long winter when I can smell things like fresh roses, cut grass, a mountain lake or Honeydew melon.  From now until October 3, 2010 Yankee Candle is having their buy 2 get one free sale with $5.00 flat rate shipping if you buy on line, if your order is over $100.00 they will wave the shipping fee.  If you have a Yankee Candle store near you then clip the coupon and bring it in with you when you shop, you can also shop by phone, just mention coupon code XG010A1 to the operator.  Recently my husband and I decided to try two of the new scents, Jelly Roll and Maple Pancake and we love them both, Yankee never ceases to amaze me with their scents.

I hope you are all having a great Thursday!

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  1. The birdie is cute! I never thought about burning summer smells in the winter. That is clever. I usually just do cranberry and stuff like that. I will have to keep that in mind for this winter.


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