Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

The picture...

I took this picture at our local train museum last year.  They show a short movie on train history in the museum and the seats that are there are from the 1920s.  I loved the look of them, even though I think they would be a bit uncomfortable to sit in for any length of time.  In the 20s a film over a half hour was very rare so the seats were designed to be comfortable by putting cushioning in the back and forming the seat.  I can just imagine someone sitting here watching a Charlie Chaplin film.

The deal...

Here are a couple of fun deals for Valentines.  First get 30% off your order of $30.00 or more at Fannie May until 2/3/12 (need to hurry for this one).  Who doesn't love chocolates?  They have so many choices, from the standards of the Chocolate Assortment box or Mint Meltaways to gourmet Truffles or Deluxe Berry bundle.  Just enter coupon code 23304 when you check out.  Shipping is $4.99 on any size order.

The second idea is from F.Y.E. and is super fun and original.  Put together a personalized CD for your Valentine, you choose from over 4 million songs.  The first track is $3.99 and each track after that is $1.19, you can fill up to 75 minutes with music for your sweetheart.  When you are all done you get to design the cover and add gift wrapping if you want.  If you order before 2/7/12 and use coupon code VALENTINE12 you will get free standard shipping, a $5.00 value.

Hope you are enjoying your Thursday.

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  1. Love those chairs. I see another blow up in my craft room with those.


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