Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday's media madness...

Today I though I would share a few of the apps that I found recently, one that has saved me quite a bit of money and one that will help me immensely when I travel and one that has wasted quite a bit of my time, in a good way.

The first one is called App Ticker and is a great place to look for apps that are marked down or free.  You can even has a great feature that allows you to search for an app, look at the price and if you want to wait until it is less expensive you can pick the price your willing to pay then click on save and App Ticker will let you know when the price drops to the price you want or less.  You can also search by developer which is nice if you really like fun stuff by Big Fish Games or travel guides by Frommers.  You can check out AppTicker online for more information and to see the current sales.  This app works for iPhone, iPad and even Mac.

The next app is called World Explorer by AudioGuidia and it puts world guide at your fingertips.  This app allows you to quickly see what is near you for points of interest using Wikipedia and Google maps together.  It will find you via GPS then finds the things near you.  When you find something interesting, just click the link and the Wikipedia article will open and the Google map will show you where it's located.  There are two versions to this app, World Explorer is free and is a great way to get to know an area, World Explorer 360 is $0.99 and has more features including weather, local time, augmented reality which allows you to hold your iPod or iPhone as if you were going to take a picture, allowing the app to "see" where you are and give you more detailed information, this guide is also an audio guide, allowing you more freedom to look at your surroundings instead of reading as you go.  Even better, all their audio guides can be used OFFLINE: no roaming data costs abroad.  If you travel this is a must have app.

Finally is an app Called Card Shark, I was hooked the minute I downloaded this app.  I was looking for something to play Canasta and stumbled on this app.  With both the free version and the paid version you can use multiple styles of card fronts, backs and tables as well as change the cards back to your own photos.  The paid version, Card Shark Deluxe, is $2.99 features more games (60 and counting) and some added graphics.  If the price is a little steep, just plug the app name into the App Ticker and watch for a price drop.

I hope you are all having a nice relaxing Sunday!

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  1. I am so going to get the World Explorer 360 I go!!!! Thanks!

    1. Beth Ann I noticed your post when the computer had a mini melt down. If you can't find it I linked the apps in the post, not sure they made it through when you posted. Gotta love those IT issues in the morning. Hope you are having a great weekend. :)

  2. Since we are always traveling, the World Explorer 360 is perfect! I'm going to find it today, because we're always trying to figure out what we should be doing in whatever town or city we may be in. Have a lovely week!


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