Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July...

Its the first major holiday of the summer season and things are in full swing for 4th of July celebrations everywhere. Because its on a Sunday this year it seems like a lot of folks are planning on a two day celebration, and why not? It is, after all our nations birthday, and who doesn't like birthday parties? Whether you're planning on having an outdoor picnic or BBQ, going to a parade or just watching the fireworks this weekend, I have tried to put together some fun ideas.

Planning and outdoor family gathering? If you hare having young kids you can print off some cute pages for them to color in, if you hare having kids who are a little older here are some 4th of July word searches, you could even offer a small prize for the first one to finish theirs. 4th of July, signers of the Declaration of Independence, and the original 13 colonies. There are printing instructions near the bottom of the page for each puzzle.

Wow your guests with a great looking red white and blue Patriotic Drink, a fresh fruit flag, or Uncle Sam ice cream cones. For a new twist on your main course you could Mix up the tried and true BBQ chicken or burgers with Barbecue-Glazed Salmon or Spice Rubbed Pork Tenderloin.

If you are planning on going out to see the fireworks consider taking your camera with you. Kodak has some great advice on how to get the most from your fireworks photography.

If you are planning on staying home this weekend why not dress up your computer a little with free wallpaper or screen savers and check out some of the great sales being offered.

If you are sharing your 4th of July with a family pet remember that most animals will try to get away from loud noises. Trying to escape can mean broken windows, torn fences, chewed doors or dog crates, and result in lacerations, foot pad injuries, teeth and mouth injuries or worse as they try to run from the disturbingly loud noises. It doesn't matter if the fears are "rational" or not. It should be noted that scolding a frightened animal is not effective will only intensify the fears. It's best to keep your pet in a "safe room" like a basement or room with covered or no windows and some items to help ease the anxiety. Its important to note too that loud noises to us are deafening to your pet and can cause permanent hearing loss for them. Here are some steps to help your furry friend through the evening.

Here is a fun fact to share with your friends and family; On 4th of July 1776, the Declaration of Independence was signed only by two people, John Hancock and Charles Thomson. Have a fun and safe weekend everyone!


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  1. Wow! That is a lot of info. Thanks for sharing. Its hard to know what to look at first. :)


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