Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday's freebie...

Ever wished you could take better pictures or make the ones you too better then they turned out or just figure out how to share them on the Internet? Maybe you want to start a home business and have questions web design, marketing materials or Microsoft Excel and Power Point. Possibly you just want to preform your own simple maintenance and or make your PC safer. Even an IT professional can find a free class or two with the HP Learning center. They currently have over 100 classes on photography, Home office, Microsoft software, PC security, IT classes and Graphic Art. One of the most popular classes currently offered through the free class site is Stress, sanity and survival, something we can all use at one time or another. All classes are at your own pace and you can even interact with a professional from the field being taught through the online bulletin boards.

Sometimes it nice to learn something new.

Hope your all having a great Friday, have a great and safe 4th of July weekend!


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