Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

I apologize for the brief hiatus, I had one of my best friends in town and I got too far behind on everything so when something had to give it was the blog, but I am back in the saddle again and ready to dive in with today's picture and deal.

The picture...

Now that my friend has flown back home I am looking forward to my Trip to Chicago with her and another friend of ours in September.  We have the best husbands, they let us do silly stuff like take trips together, knowing full well there may be a call in the middle of the night to ask for bail money. ;)  This is a picture I took of the Chicago River last time I was there, it was taken by the Veteran's Memorial along the River Walk near Wabasha Avenue.

The deal...

The Chef's Catalog is having their appreciation sale and offering 10% off their items, even if they are already marked down.  I love this store and have ordered from them quite a few times, the products are wonderful, some are great time savers, some are great for comfort, like the kitchen mats by GellyMat that are regularly $80.00 but are on sale for $59.95 ($53.95 after the discount), and some are for everyday, like my husbands favorite All-Clad pans, or my favorite way to store holiday dishes; Cotton Microfiber Storage Cases, normally $20.00, marked down to $12.00 ($10.80 after the discount).  To receive the discount just enter the code BW4EM6857 at checkout.  This code is good until August 7th.  They also have free shipping on all their orders.

I hope you are all having a great week.


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  1. I'm gone, so now you can blog again. *lol* I'm looking forward to going to Chicago. Not sure which of the three would have bail money. They might all have to pool together to get us out.

  2. Boy, it has been the time for a hiatus. I can't wait to get to chicago one day! It looks like such a great time. I hope your summer is continuing to be well!

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