Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

The picture...

This White-lined Sphinx Hummingbird Moth was caught checking out my flowers in the back garden last year.  They are so fun to watch, and easy to spot since they are about 2 inches long.  They are one of the few moths that come out on nice sunny days.

The deal...

Perfume is one of my indulgences, but I don't have a "signature" scent, I love being able to change my perfume with my mood.  While its a great idea in theory, its not cheep. I buy scents I like when they are on a great sale or have a B.O.G.O. going in department stores, but for the most part I get them online. Today's discount is from one of my favorite places,  I like this site because they always have great prices on the scents I use.  When you go to the site there will be a pop up box asking for your email, they will send you discounts in the future if you decide to enter your information there, it will also give you a 20% off discount code, the current one good until 3/13/12 is TGD2E.  While you are there be sure to visit the 50% off page for even more savings, and remember, there is free shipping on orders over $70.00.

Have a great day everyone.

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