Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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duckboard   \DUK-bord\  ~  noun

DEFINITION: a boardwalk or slatted flooring laid on a wet, muddy, or cold surface -- usually used in plural

EXAMPLES: Someone had laid duckboards across the marshy area of the path so that it was passable.

"Much of the trail consists of duckboards to protect fragile eco-systems and hikers should be careful not to step off them." -- From an advertorial in The Australian Magazine, October 8, 2011

DID YOU KNOW? The word "duckboard" was created during the early 20th century to describe the boards or slats of wood laid down to provide safe footing for the soldiers of World War I across wet or muddy ground in trenches or camps. The original duckboards didn't always work as intended though. According to one soldier, duckboards came by their name because someone walking on wet duckboards was liable to slide off them much like water slides off a duck's back. Today's duckboards appear in all kinds of places -- from marshes to the floors of saunas. The word "duck" itself has been part of the English language since the days of Old English, when it had the form "dūce."

Arm & Hammer has a new clumping cat litter called Ultra Last; all the granules are coated in Baking Soda so the box will stay fresher longer.  You can try a 20# box for free with the mail in rebate, just complete the rebate form and mail it in together with the original UPC from the 20# box and your original receipt dated between 12/15/11 and 3/30/12, the receipt needs to show the store information and the price of the litter circled.  All requests must be postmarked no later than 4/15/12.  We use Arm & Hammer litter ourselves so this is one I can't wait to try myself.

I hope everyone is having a great week.

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