Saturday, December 10, 2011

Silly Saturday...

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!


The Blog Entourage
Tots and Me


  1. Wow! Make that cat white and it looks like Luke going after Scoobie. He stands like that to hit the dog.

  2. Great laugh so nice to meet you, I have just found your lovely blog through the blog hop Lovin this weekend wonderful to join in. I'm now following you hope you visit me and follow back so nice to find new friends to catch up with. Have a great day.

    Always Wendy

  3. Oh my goodness. Love that cat stance. I had a cat so this makes it even that much funnier in my eyes. So cute! I am glad you found my blog. I do my Saturday laughs every week so I would love for you to join. I agree, nothing is better than to laugh on the weekend! Thank you also for taking my button. Cant wait to see your sillys next week too.

  4. Stoppin' by from the Lovin' the Weekend Blog Hop and newly following!

    LOVE the cat photo! What a woot!


  5. Forgot to add, I am following you via GFC:)


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