Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Crafting is Like Crack

I want to get something off my chest. Crafters are like drug dealers. There I said it and feel better. I was not a gal who did crafts until the start of the year. I didn't own one crafty item. I had no desire to make anything with my own two chubby hands. Could care less about craft stores. Crafty for me meant ripping out an article in a magazine, hoping to get to it another day.

That all changed starting this year. I took up a challenge and have been dipping my toes in the craters wading pool. I used to laugh when Michele and Jen told me what they spent on Scrapbook supplies. I would hang up the phone and mutter, "Its like crafter's crack!" I could not understand getting excited over papers. Paper? Who cares about paper? Sadly, I must confess, that I now do. I got into making cards. There I said it, I'm a card maker. Granted some of my attempts have looked like a blind 4 year old monkey made them, but I try.

The thing I'm discovering about crafters is that they want others to be addicted as well. They help feed my addiction by giving me crafting supplies. I don't want to use the term pimp or pusher, but if the shoe fits? Michele sent me a bunch of treasures to help me get started with Valentiene's Day cards. My friend Teresa had me go "shopping" in her craft room. I have another friend who is going to dig through her craft stuff and see what I might need. Michele and Jen are going to be Scrapbooking this week and are putting together a package of goodies. I have been over to Hobby Lobby 12 times in the past two weeks. Well maybe not 12, but it seems like that.

It was kind of how kids get hooked on smoking. Everybody is doing it. Come in, it won't hurt. Ha!
The crafting thing sneaks up on you and before you know it our hooked. "Oh, I'll just go LOOK to see what Hobby Lobby has this week." Ya, right. There is no such thing as "just looking" at a craft store.

To help feed Your addiction http://hobbylobby.com/weekly/coupon.cfm Now I feel as if I have done my part to help "pimp" crafting.


  1. Now you KNOW I would use that coupon if we had a Hobby Lobby here right?!?! I am so proud your found the coupon and posted it... *insert tear here*... Yup, its an addiction for sure! I have more stuff than fits in the closet and yet all my pictures for my Renaissance Faire scrapbook are lacking adornment because I don't have "just the right" things. Maybe a trip to Michael's will help. Ohhhhh lookie.... a 50% off coupon! http://www.michaels.com/021311-ShopLocal-US/021311-ShopLocal-US,default,pg.html

  2. I've been watching this Crafty "jones" filter it's way into your essence... you're getting it bad kid. Got to run up the Hobby Lobby.

    Nice write and stay crafty.



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