Saturday, November 6, 2010

Safety savings...

Today we come off daylight savings time which means its fire safety week and time to check the fire safety items in your home, starting with the smoke detector.  If your smoke detectors are hard wired into your home it's important to check them and make sure they are working, so put in a pair of ear plugs and start pushing the tester buttons.  If they sound weak take the vacuum to them and see if that helps, if it doesn't help or they don't come on at all it may be time to call a professional to check the wiring, it could be a loose connection or damage from moisture build up or even a mouse.  No matter what caused the problem its vital that the detectors work.  (Please remember that if you have a direct connection type of detector that notifies Police and Fire to call your provider first so you don't send a false alarm) If you have the battery operated type of detectors then be sure to change the batteries and then test them to make sure they are working and the battery is installed properly.  You can print a $1.00 coupon for Rayovac batteries when you click through the Rayovac sight to Facebook and click the like button.  They also have a promotion going to get $10.00 back via rebate when you purchase one of their RoughNeck  Flex360 flashlights and a package of their batteries.  Just mail in the UPCs from the flashlight and the batteries together with the original or copy of dated, store-identified cash receipt with purchase price circled and the rebate form.  All purchases must made between 1/31/2011 and 2/15/2011.  If you prefer Energizer Batteries they also have a promotion going, buy 3 packages of Energizer batteries and get a $10.00 iTunes gift card.  This one is super easy, just go to their sight and enter the codes from the specially marked packages at the Energizer web sight.

This is also the time of year to check your fire extinguisher.  To do this make sure the extinguisher is not blocked by equipment, coats or other objects that could interfere with access in an emergency.  Make sure the pressure is at the recommended level, on extinguishers equipped with a gauge the needle should be in the green zone - not too high and not too low.  The nozzle or other parts are not hindered in any way and the pin and tamper seal (if it has one) are intact.  There should be no dents, leaks, rust, chemical deposits and/or other signs of abuse/wear. Wipe off any corrosive chemicals, oil, gunk etc. that may have deposited on the extinguisher.  If it needs to be recharged check the yellow pages for a certified re-filler near you, in some places the local Fire Department may do this for free or a small charge, if you have a volunteer department that does this for free please consider leaving them a donation for their efforts.  If you don't have an extinguisher you need to get one, they are not that expensive and may even save you money on you home or renters insurance.  You can get a small First Alert Multi Purpos extinguisher from Tool District for only $16.46.  This extinguisher is good for fires involving paper, wood, textiles and plastics as well as flammable liquid fires and electrical fires and comes with wall mount straps.

Remember, tonight we set our clocks back one hour before bed. Enjoy your extra hour of sleep!


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  1. I never thought about checking my fire extinguisher. Good tip.


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