Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

I have had a long time love of movies and when DVDs first came out I started collecting them, to the point that they now have their own cabinet as well as shelves build in around the TV to house the TV series and holiday film.  You would think owing over 500 DVDs I would have found Disney's Movie Rewards a long time ago!  I guess I thought Disney Movies were just for kids and I only had a couple, but guess what? Disney is so diverse I actually had 14 of them and now have over 1500 points in my account.  What does that mean?  Well, depending on how patient I am it could mean a trip to Disney Land.  In the 0 - 400 range you can get a free 0 point reward mini story book that goes along with the new Tinkerbell movie release, or if you want to spend some points you can make a donation to one of several organizations, get free Snapfish photo prints or a movie poster.  If you are willing to save up a little longer the 2810 and up category has $100 Delta vacation certificate, Hannah Montana guitar, Mary Poppins and the Lion King tickets on Broadway  and the Walt Disney Studios Special Private Tour for four.  Signing up for the program is easy, just enter your basic information and start putting in your Disney codes, you can find the code numbers on the DVD and Blue Rays as well as the Disney CDs.  You can even earn reward points by uploading a photo of your theater movie ticket stubs.  So go check your DVD collection, bet you will be surprised by what you have, then start saving your points for something fun for you, your child or grand kids.

Have a fantastic Sunday everyone!

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  1. What are you saving them for? Any idea what you want to get?


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