Wednesday, June 30, 2010

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callithump • \KAL-uh-thump\ • noun
: a noisy boisterous band or parade

Example Sentence: Energized with cookies, cake, ice cream, fruit punch, and other sugary treats, the children erupted into a callithump, blowing noisemakers and banging pails.
Did you know? "Callithump" and the related adjective "callithumpian" are Americanisms, but their roots stretch back to England. In the 19th century, the noun "callithumpian" was used in the U.S. of boisterous roisterers who had their own makeshift New Year's parade. Their band instruments consisted of crude noisemakers such as pots, tin horns, and cowbells. The antecedent of "callithumpians" is an 18th-century British dialect term for another noisy group, the "Gallithumpians," who made a rumpus on election days in southern England. Today, the words "callithump" and "callithumpian" see occasional use, especially in the names of specific bands and parades. The callithumpian bands and parades of today are more organized than those of the past, but they retain an association with noise and boisterous fun.


If it's time to reseal the deck then this is the offer for you! Thompson's Water Seal is holding their deck days rebate offer. If you purchase their ADVANCED Wood Protector you can get $4.00 back for per one gallon or $12.00 back of the 5 gallon size, if you choose to go with the waterproofer PLUS wood protector you can get $3.00 back for per gallon size and $9.00 back for the 5 gallon size. The maximum amount you can get back is $12.00. You will need to mail in the completed rebate certificate, the original cash register receipt dated between 4/3/2010 and 10/4/2010 and the UPC code cut from the container(s). You will receive rebate check(s) redeemable at the store where you purchased the Thompson's products. The added bonus to this offer is that Thompson's Water Seal is also donating $1.00 per product to the National Park Foundation up to $50,000, that way you can enjoy your deck at home or the beauty of nature when you visit our National Parks, its a win-win.

Hope you are all having a great week so far.


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  1. How neat that you can help the parks while you help your deck!


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