Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's media madness...

For me one of life's little indulgences is laying in bed at night looking at my magazines. Don't get me wrong, I adore a good book, but magazines offer me the chance to invest a small amount of time and still get something wonderful in return. If you have been reading this blog for awhile you know that I have eclectic taste, and its no different in the magazines I read. I love my Victoria and Tea Time subscription just as much as my Taste of Home and Food and Wine, but when it comes to reading before I go to sleep, nothing inspires better dreams than my travel magazines.

The three I get each week are Vacations, Budget Travel and Travel and Leisure. Of course being as budget minded as I am I have never paid full price for a magazine in my life. There are many companies offering discount subscriptions, you just need to find the best price among them. Here are the sites I look at when I am looking for a deal;,,, Magazine Deals Now and

As an example, Vacations is my least expensive publication and it varies in price at each outlet; at it is $14.00, at it is also $14.00, at it is $9.95, at Magazine Deals Now it is $10.95 and at it is back up to $14.00.

I checked on Retail Me Not and there is currently a 10% discount for Magazine Deals Now if you enter the code MPS10, that would bring the price down to $9.86.

Also, when I place an order for a publication I keep a record of it in my computer; whether you do this on index cards, your smart phone/iPod or in your computer is up to you, but its very helpful when ordering from different outlets. All publications will try to get you to renew, many of them way before your subscription is set to expire, this can get very confusing and is exactly how I ended up with my Better Homes and Garden superscription running through 2012. For each publication I note the name of the magazine, where I purchased it, the price of the subscription and the date it is set to expire, then if I choose to cancel the subscription I know where to go or if I want to renew I know exactly when to do that without having lost an issue or having it run through the next millennium.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!


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  1. I love magazines! The internet cannot replace turning pages and glossy pictures, coupons and recipes. I'm a big, read the magazine and tear stuff out. I may not look at it again, but feel accomplished at having ripped it out. *lol*


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