Wednesday, June 23, 2010

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ambuscade • \AM-buh-skayd\ • noun
: a trap in which concealed persons lie in wait to attack by surprise; also : the persons so concealed or their position.

Example Sentence:

"They were apprized of the ambuscade by one of the flanking party, before the Indians fired upon them…." (George Washington, letter, August 4, 1756)

Did you know?

"Ambuscade" derives from Middle French "embuscade," a modification of an Old Italian word formed by combining the prefix "in-" and the Latin noun "bosco," meaning "forest." This is appropriate, since many such surprise attacks have involved the attacking force hiding out in and emerging from a wooded area. "Ambuscade" has not changed in meaning since General Washington’s day, though nowadays we are more likely to use its synonym "ambush." That word actually took a slightly different path to English -- via Middle English "embushen," from Anglo-French "en-" ("in-") and "busche" ("log" or "firewood") -- though the two words ultimately share a relationship.


Growing up I loved Kellogg's Pop-tarts, and truth be told, I still do. Kellogg's has a rebate going on now through September 29, 2011. They are offering 5 different rebate items, 2 free boxes of Pop-tarts, 25 free photo prints, 5 music downloads, movie tickets or a subscription to the Pop-tart magazine. You will need to join the Kellogg's web site to get into the rebate rewards page, registration is easy and if you check the box at the bottom they will send you information on future promotional events. There is nothing to mail in for this rebate, just enter the codes on the insides of the box into your Pop-tarts rewards account. There is a limit of one code per flavor. Limit five rewards per person. Must be U.S. resident 13 and older in the 50 U.S. States (& D.C.).Last day to enter codes 9/29/11. Last day to redeem codes 9/30/11. Since there are over 25 different flavors of Pop-tarts you actually could get all five of the rebate rewards. Happy hunting!!

Hope you all are having a great week so far!


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