Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's picture perfect deal

The Picture...

This picture is the first evening grosbeak to our yard this summer, I am always so happy when they return.

The Deal...

Its been a cool spring here so I chose the Coldwater Creek women's jacket sale for today's deal. They are all marked down 30% both on line and in the stores until 5/26/10, no coupon needed fr the sale. In addition, if you spend $100 with them you can get $30.00 off. If you are going to shop on line use coupon code WHH3209 when you check out for the $30.00 off, if you are thinking of going into a local store you can print a copy of the $30.00 coupon to take in with you. They also have a sale going on their cropped pants and some of their tee shirts, if you buy two or more you will get 30% off those as well.

Hope you are all having a great week so far!



  1. I so want to go shopping at Coldwater Creek now! There were a few things that I really liked. Is there one in Montana?


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