Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

The Picture...

Where I live we have a lot of old buildings that have wonderful architectural detail, this Fleur-De-Lee is from the entrance to the old news papers building.

The Deal...

I recently purchased a new bottle of Burberry Brit Perfume at my local mall and received a free tote with my purchase which was a nice little bonus. However, because I was being reckless and shopping on impulse it cost me. That nice bottle of perfume was $70.00 plus $5.25 tax! So, today's deal is for Fragrancenet, where I have shopped in the past and had great experiences. All the perfumes are new, top shelf designer scents and they are not tester bottles. My $70.00 department purchase would have only been $42.19 + $5.95 shipping if I had waited until I got home to purchase on line. My "free" tote bag actually cost me $27.31. Today only they are offering 15% off your entire order if you use coupon code MOM15 so be sure to check out everything, not just the scents. Fragrancenet also offers free shipping on all orders over $70.00 and there is no sales tax on orders from outside of New York. If you are planning on giving your purchase to someone for Mother's day they will gift wrap your purchase for an additional $3.99.

Have a wonderful Thursday everyone!


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