Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Life can give lemons....

I know you have all heard the phrase "when life gives you lemons make lemon aid ; but sometimes that's not always possible without a little help from friends and people who care about you.  I am guessing by now that many of you who are in the blogging community know about our blogger friend Nina's horrible start to the new year, if you haven't here it is in her own words from the family's Caring Bridge site:

"Saturday January 5th, Tom left after lunch to ride snowmobile a little bit; he was going to visit a friend just outside of town.  Around 3pm he had still not returned and he had not sent any messages or called. This was VERY unusual for Tom and I was worried.  Normally he'll be out for 30-45 minutes and always, ALWAYS sends me random text messages. I called friends that Tom sometimes rides with to ask if he had been by.  I hopped online to see if he used our checkcard anywhere; maybe he stopped for something to eat or there would be another clue.  At 4:30pm there was a loud knock at the door.  My stomach dropped.  I knew it would not be good.  I knew it.  The county sheriff told me that Tom was in an accident and was to be air lifted to HCMC."

Tom had just started a new job and doesn't qualify for FMLA yet so there are going to be some rough times ahead with everyday bills, that's where we need to help Nina make some lemon aid.  If you can go to the Give Forward site set up for Tom and Nina and give even a little bit; together we can all make a big difference and give Nina one less thing to have to worry about over the weeks to come.  Tom has many hurdles to overcome and I know how much we have all enjoyed reading The Adventures of Artsy Nina, so let's make this an adventure with a great ending!

And as Nina herself said in her last blog post: "Hug your kids, your husband, your mom, your dad, your neighbor, your friend.  You never, ever know what that next moment might bring."

Thank you everyone for keeping the family in your thoughts and prayers.

Michele Trautlein


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