Friday, January 22, 2010

Got a free weekend?

Hey, check your free Pillsbury calender, the weekend is finally here, time to relax a little and maybe find something fun that doesn't cost a dime.

Start your morning out with a warm breakfast complements of B & G Cream of Wheat, they are giving away a free sample of their new Health Grain Cream of Wheat. If you prefer something totally organic you can get a sample of Barbaras Bakery cereals.

Its important to brush you teeth well after you eat so why not do it with a free sample of Oxyfresh toothpaste? Did you know that a large part of bad breath is attributed to food particles left on the tongue? You can get a free Tongue cleaner or a free flossing toothbrush from OraSweet and take your oral health care to the next level. Remember to keep some toothpicks in your purse, you can get some free from Flix. Step into the shower and transport yourself to another place, Hussana is a line of natural bath and beauty products from the UK, why not indulge in a free sample and try a little something from Europe? Looking for more of a spa experience? Cloud 9 Salon Spa is offering a free sample bar hand made blue spa soap. To help keep you clean from head to toe, Head and Shoulders is offering a free sample of their shampoo to use in your morning shower. When you step out of the shower try Escada's new fragrance Marine Groove. Its also important to remember to take your morning vitamins, you can get a free sample of Emergen-C in a variety of flavors, just click on the free samples bubble in the upper corner.

OK, so you have to do a few things around the house, like take out the garbage, Sam's Club is giving away samples of Glad Force Flex trash bags. Hills Science Diet is offering free samples of their dog treats to help your best four legged friend enjoy the day with you, for dinner your dog can try a sample of Rachel Ray's new dog food Nutrish. And speaking of your four legged friends, why not take a little time today to help ensure their safety by putting up free emergency stickers in your windows and filling out a wallet card from ARF? Need to head out to the grocery store? Try the new Gold Bond hand sanitizer to keep healthy and flu free. On your way home you can stop in at Taco Bell and get a free Fresco Taco for lunch. Need to get a little laundry done in between putting your feet up? Try Gain's new scents with a sample of the dryer sheets and a coupon for $1.00 or 1.50 off your next purchase.

Chores done, its time to sit back with a nice cup of tea. Grab a sample of the Golden Tea Companies tea and relax and enjoy for a bit. If you like your your tea on the sweet side there is a free sample of Sun Crystals, a combination of sugar crystals and stevia. Like a little lemon in your tea? Try new True Lemon real lemon crystals. Prefer a cup of coffee instead? No problem, bew up a taste of Dunkin' Donuts coffee and see what you think. You may want to try a free sample of Splenda's new flavors for coffee in Mocha or Hazelnut. Would you like a little snack? How about trying Mariani Dried Plums? Just go to the Mariani site and enter the promo code SUPERFRUIT and fill in the required information.

Got your drink, got your snack, enjoy them with a copy of your free Remedy Life magazine or just relax and enjoy listening to your new Coldplay free down load from the world wide site for the band. Maybe now is a good time to drop a note to an old friend and let them know your thinking about them. You can get a free printable card at Greetings Island for almost any occasion, you can even print one that is blank inside and write your own greeting with your new free pen from Uni-Ball, you need to order this from them right after noon to be sure to get one. Want to include a picture of the kids or something you did over the holidays? Print it on your free photo paper. If a vacation is in your future, you can get free travel information on any state at Travel Guides Free and start dreaming and planning.

Ahhh, time to think ahead to spring, maybe plan a little vegetable garden project. You can get a free gardening planting guide to fit your needs at Vegetable Gardening online. After you have an idea of what your garden will look like you can get ideas from your Burpee Seed catalog, be sure to mark the things you like with your Post-it Durable Tab markers. Gardening prices a little too high? Check out The Dinner Garden for some free seeds, you will get the perfect amount without the waste from the large size packages, they will mail them anywhere in the US and now is the time to get things started. Need to remember what you planted where? Try AgriMarkers free and see what you think.

Need an idea for dinner? Check out the free recipes at The Campbell's Soup Kitchen and get inspired, they have great ideas for stuff you already have in your kitchen. And what fun would it all be if you didn't have a little something for dessert? You can get a free 3 pack of Lindt Truffles and a fun DVD of secret recipes at Master Chef Quentin Ulrich's site. If your great dinner gives you a little heart burn remember to take your free sample of Prilosec before you head off to bed knowing that you had a great day and spent next to nothing, and no need to stress about work knowing you have your free stress ball waiting for you!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


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