Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday's picture perfect deal...

The picture...

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were looking for something to do and decided to go up to the Iron Range in Northern Minnesota.  We spend a couple hours exploring Discovery World in Chisholm, it was a fun afternoon and we got to learn a lot too.  They have areas set up through out the grounds that recreate different settlements of all the different peoples that settled the area.  This picture is a classic settlement of settlers that came from the East Coast of the US.  This is a large home with two stories and a barn in the back.

The deal...

If you are a gardener you know Fall is the time of year to put in your lily bulbs.  Eden Brothers has 33 varieties of beautiful lilys and everyone of them is on sale right now, most marked down 50%!  If you have ordered from them in the past remember to use coupon code loyalcustomer for additional savings.

I hope you are all having a beautiful Thursday!

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  1. Oh, I love this picture! What fun. It looks so sad and lonely.

  2. I love places like that. There's a place in Staunton, Virginia called The Frontier Culture Museum that has houses from different eras to tour, and recreated houses from where some of the early settlers came from like Germany and Ireland. It's interesting also to watch the folks there in period costumes going about their chores like threshing wheat, and quilting.


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