Saturday, August 6, 2011

Silly Saturday...

With regard to the Saturday Swap that I ran last month; I have one package to send out Monday for the swap to cover for someone who signed up but didn't participate, other than that I think everyone has their packages.  Thank you to Caren, Angela and Marsha for joining in the fun.  I am so sorry that one bad apple has to spoil the fun, but this has been difficult even with only 4 people joining in so I will not be doing this again.  I am sorry that this was so difficult to get completed.

Today's funny to lighten the mood:

Have a great weekend everyone!


The Blog Entourage

So Followed Saturday


  1. What happened? Looks like they forgot to finish. Government job? LOL

  2. Ha! Love that picture!! One person always has to spoil the fun of the group don't they...sorry!

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  4. Aloha! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog & thanks for the sweet comments... I would be completely honored if you featured me on your Sunday's Media Madness... How incredibly sweet of you! Thanks so much for the support... I can't tell you how much it means to me.... Hope you're having a great weekend! :) Olivia

  5. It was A LOT of fun and I am just tickled with what I received!

  6. Again,,

    I'm here again :)


    I accept your kind Award with pleasure, and I wrote your name there at Tourist Cup

    This is not a chance (will you believe?), me too were about to send it to you but it was just the limit.

    I know it is too too too much late, but it was out of my hand.

    Have a nice day,,

  7. Sometimes wrangling people is harder than wrangling cats. Purrs CQ

  8. I'm sorry about this. I know how excited you were about doing these swaps. Its nice of you getting something out to the gal who was stiffed of a package.


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