Wednesday, July 18, 2012

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fugacious ~ \fyoo-GAY-shus\

DEFINITION: lasting a short time : evanescent

EXAMPLES: The rock band's rise in popularity turned out to be fugacious, and within two years its members had moved on to other careers.

"It is of no surprise that their debt problem is not fugacious, it is insurmountable. It is an impossible task for Greece to pay its debt." — From a letter to the editor by Alfonso Tiu Henderson in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, February 12, 2012

DID YOU KNOW? "Fugacious" is often used to describe immaterial things like emotions, but not always. Botanists, for example, use it to describe plant parts that wither or fall off before the usual time. Things that are fugacious are fleeting, and etymologically they can also be said to be fleeing. "Fugacious" derives from the Latin verb "fugere," which means "to flee." Other descendants of "fugere" include "fugitive," "refuge," and "subterfuge."

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If you or someone you know loves to fish then this is a fantastic set of rebates from Berkley!  My husband found these when he went to get Gulp! for his last fishing trip, of course being a guy he didn't hang on to his receipt but his loss is your gain.  All three rebates are a little different but all expire on July 31st so you need to hurry.  For all three you need to purchase the required product(s) and mail the completed rebate form, together with a copy of the dated cash register receipt with the item circled.  You can have up to two rebates per address.  Here are the links to the rebate for each Berkley product:

Berkley $5 pint or $8 quart Gulp Alive! form

Berkley $5 Gulp! Freshwater or Saltwater Form

 Berkley Powerbait $4 Form 

I hope you are all having a wonderful day!


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