Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday's media madness...

Not a lot of folks know that September 25th is National Comic Book Day, but I thought I would give it a little attention.  There is also a Free Comic Book day in May where many stores give out a free comic book.  I don't know if your local stores may be celebrating today with some sales or freebies but its worth checking out if you or someone you know is a collector (its not too early to be thinking about your holiday shopping).  If you like today's artwork it is an actual mural that you can purchase at Stargate Cinema for 42% off its original price of $250.00, today its $145.99 with free shipping, and it is huge ~ a whopping 6' x 10.5'  so if you have an avid collector this may be a perfect holiday gift.

Growing up I read a lot of the Archie comics, they were my favorites and I was not even sure if they print them anymore or who's comics they were, but with the help of the Grand Comics Database I was able to find out that the comic is still around today and that when it started it went through many transformations, large and small.  Its a great place to start looking for information on starting a new collection or filling in an existing series.

Currently one of my favorite authors has one of her book series being made into comics for Marvel.  I purchased the first in the series and liked how it followed along with the book and brought the characters to life, it had been a very long time since I read a comic.  Your can check out Anita Blake for your self at Marvel.  Also be sure to check the other major comic publishing house DC Comics for whats new with them, there are so many more characters than when I was a kid, and the ones I loved, like Wonder Woman are still there (she does appear to have been pumping iron over the years though, she has gotten some beefy biceps).  Dark Horse Comics features Star Wars and Buffy among other well known names, and Image Comics is the home of Spawn and Whitchblade.

There is also a growing amount of comics on the web, just check out Online Comic Books, it can be your own guilty pleasure because no one will ever find comic books sitting around your house.  Can't get enough comic book movies? Stop over to Comic Book Movies to discuss Ann Hathaway as the new Catwoman, your favorite episode of Dr. No or the upcoming Superman: Man of Steel currently being filmed. 

Have a current comic and wondering about its value, you can sign up free at Comics Price Guide and find out more about your one comic or your entire collection, you may be surprised to see what you have!

Hope you are having a great weekend!


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